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1. 1871 Ontario Census, Sub District A, Township of Darlington, Durham County, Micro film # c-636unknown detail, London Public Library, 305 Queens Ave., London, Ont. N6B 3P2.
2. unknown household, 1851 Upper Canada Census, 305 Queens Ave., London, Ontario N6B 3P2, London Public Library 953.
3. 1861 Upper Canada Census, Township of Darlington, Durham Co., Micro film # c-1016Indicates her first name only and approximate date of birth only., London Public Library, 305 Queens Ave., London, Ontario N6B 3P2.
4. Marriage record for James Harper and Elizabeth Thompson, Ontario County Marriage Register, R.G.8 (1858-1869) , Series 1-6-B (No place: Provincial Archives of Ontario, 28 Jan 1863). Hereinafter cited as Ontario County Marriage Register.
5. James Harper entry, Dist of Manitoulin, Division of Burpee Deaths, #019893-17, 30 Oct 1917. [Archives of Ontario, MS 935, Reel 233] unknown detail.
6. James Harper Obituary The Recorder, Gore Bay, Ont, 1 Nov 1917.
7. District of Manitoulin Deaths.
8. James Harper Obituary, 1 Nov 1917.
9. Gordon Township cemetery records, Gordon Township Municiplal Office, Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, [Telephone conversation with County Clerk, Dorothy Fields, Pho 282-2702 and(res) 282-2293 (1983)].
10. Elizabeth Ann Thompson tombstone, Gordon Township Cemetary, Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ont., Photographed by the Ken Harper in 1984, unknown detail.
11. Gordon Township cemetery records.
12. 1861 Census, 305 Queens Ave., London, Ontario N6B 3P2.
13. 1871 Ontario Census, 305 Queens Ave., London, Ontario N6B 3P2.
14. Jerrold Armstrong, Kinistino, the story of a parkland community in central Saskatchewan (Melfort, Saskatchewan: Phillips Publishers Ltd., 1980)p. 135.
15. Frank Harper obituary, The Kinistino Post, Kinistino, Saskatchewan, 26 Sept 1962, p. 1.
16. 1881 Ontario census, District No. 31 Muskoka, Twp of Spence, p.11, family #6, microfilm #_____unknown detail, London Public Library, 305 Queens Ave., London, Ont. N6B 3P2.
17. 1891 Ontario census, Dist 32 (Manitoulin), Town of Gore Bay, Family # 81, Microfilm #_____unknown detail, U.W.O. (D.B.Weldon) Library, University of Western Ontario, London, Ont. N6A 3K7.
18. James Harper, Birth Registration, Reg# 020378/80, p.715, County of Muskoka, Unorganized Townships, 10 March 1880, Archives of Ontario, Film # MS929, Reel # 44, [ Birth is registered as "James Harper" however on all later documentation he was refered to as Francis or Frank James Harper.].
19. Marriage registration # 428, for Frank Harper and Johanna Wiechmann, filed by the Clerk of the Municipality of South Norfolk, Manitoba, 2 July 1904, photocopy of original document from Manitoba Family Services, Vital Statistics, 254 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Man R3C 0B6.
20. Frank Harper obituary, 26 Sept 1962.
21. ibid.
22. James Harper, Birth Registration, (1880).
23. Sworn Statement of Frank J Harper for application for Homestead Patent for Frac. South half of Section 24, Township 46, Range 22, W of 2nd Meridian. File # 199064, 20 Sept 1912.
24. Marriage Registration.
25. Armstrong, Kinistino, the story of a parkland community. unknown detail.
26. ibid.
27. Johanna Wiechmann Obituary, The Kinistino Post, Kinistino, Saskatchewan, 2 Jan 1957, p. 1.
28. ibid.
29. "Calendar/Diary of Irene Gilbertson," (MS, 1935, Entry in Gordons handwriting believed to be refering to his birthday: "29 years Boys is a mighty long time"; Ken Harper; 44 Weston St., London, Ontario, Canada N6C 1R1. Hereinafter cited as "Calendar/Diary".
30. Note in the handwriting of Johanna Wiechmann, written to her children, correcting their birth dates, 1948Indicates he was born Sept 1907 and that all children were one year younger than previously thought..
31. Gordon Harper and Irene Gilbertson wedding clipping, undated clipping from unidentified newspaper.

Clipping given to writer by Florence (Harper) Spencer(grooms sister) in 1984.

Hand written date on clipping of "1935 Nov 8th" [year incorrect, should be 1934].
32. Gordon James Harper obituary,The Kinistino Post, Kinistino, Saskatchewan, 25 Apr 1956, p. 1.
33. ibid.
34. Irene Gilbertson Obituary,The Kinistino Post, Kinistino, Saskatchewan, 2 Feb 1977, p. 1.
35. ibid.
36. Card of rememberance for funeral of Irene Gilbertson, 7 Feb 1977unknown detail.

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