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 Family Group

Subject*       Friedrich Wiechmann
Name-Var:      Fritz Wiechmann
Name-Var:      Friedrich Wiegmann
Birth*               c 1830  Drakenburg, Hanover, Germany.
Marriage*       c1851  Germany.
Death*            c 1893  Lilienthal, Germany.

Spouse*      Annetta Meyerdierks
Birth*             c 1830  Germany.
Death*          c 1890  Lilienthal, Germany.


1/M  Heinrich Wiechmann
Birth*      c  1852  Germany.
Immigratn*  c 1868  Huston, Texas  (He was sent to live with his mother's cousin when he was 16 years old).
Death*   USA.

2/M  Diedrich Wiechmann
Name-Var:    Diedrich Wiegmann
Birth*        21 Sep 1854  Eickedorf, Germany  ( Baptism Certificate,{Auszug ans dem Geburts und Tanfbundje},  8 Oct 1854,  [Photocopy of document given to writer by subjects Grandson, Diedrich Wiechman, Bremen, Germany, March 1983].).
Baptism:      08 Oct 1854  Eickedorf, Germany  (Baptism Certificate (1854).).
Marriage*     27 Oct 1877  Gesina Bartels  Bremen, Germany.
Son:        c 1878  Diedrich Wiechmann; Germany.
Daughter:     25 Jan 1880  Johanna Anneta Wiechmann; Bremen, Germany  (Marriage registration # 428, for Frank Harper and Johanna Wiechmann, filed by the Clerk of the Municipality of South Norfolk, Manitoba, 2 July 1904, photocopy of original document from Manitoba Family Services, Vital Statistics, 254 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Man R3C 0B6.).
Daughter:   c 1882  Frieda Wiechmann; Germany.
Daughter:     1882  Meita Wiechmann; Bremen, Germany.
Son:          28 Jan 1889  Hienrich Georg Wiechmann; Germany.
Death*      c1895  Bremen, Germany  (he was killed in a railway accident).

3/M  George Wiechmann
Birth*         Germany.
Marriage*    Germany.
Death*        Germany.

4/M  Klaus Henry Wiechmann
Birth*         Germany.
Marriage*     Louisa (--?--); Germany.
Death*        Germany.

5/F  Minnie Wiechmann
Birth*        Germany.
Marriage*     John Plagge; Germany
(They had at least one child).
Death*        Germany.

6/F  Katie Wiechmann
Birth*         Germany.
Marriage*      August Schultz
Immigratn*    1882  Halstad, Kansas, USA.
(They had 7 children)
Daughter:       Nettie Schultz
Death*          USA.

7/M  Christian Wiechmann
Birth*        21 May 1865  Huxfeld, Germany.
Immigratn*    1882  Halstad, Kansas.
Immigratn:     1892  Manitoba.
Daughter:      Jessie Wiechman
Daughter:       Ruth Wiechman
Daughter:       Helen Wiechman
Death*       1955  Manitoba.

8/F  Annie Wiechmann
Birth*      c 1867  Germany.
Immigratn*  c  1882  Halstad, Kansas.
Death*      c 1884  Kansas.
(Annie died when she was 17 years old while she was living in Kansas)

9/M  Henry Wiechmann
Birth*      c 1867  Germany.
Death*      c 1868  Germany.
(Died when he was 1 1/2 years old)